Discover the secrets of
creating stunning Babka
cakes and delicious Amsterdam cookies from the comfort of your own kitchen – and they’re incredibly easy to make, even if you have no prior experience

I've gathered my best recipes,
the ones that fill your home with the intoxicating aroma of freshly baked sweets every weekend

I've compiled them into an easy-to-use digital program that will leave your friends and family consistently asking for more.

Babka cakes, Rugelach, sweet and savory homemade spreads—these are just the beginning.

And, of course, my Amsterdam cookies steal the show with surprising fillings like pistachio, Red Velvet, and much more.

Baking is not the only thing you’ll learn, it’s much more than that.

Throughout this experience,
you'll also build your confidence and develop a love for the kitchen.
That empowering 'I can do it' feeling, accompanied by a sense of success and immense satisfaction,
awaits you.

The Babkas and Amsterdam Cookies program is designed for everyone!

Whether you're looking to host a party, start your own home baking business, or have no prior kitchen experience,
this program is your guide.

I'll lead you through each step with precise instructions,
that will save you from many
'trial and error' attempts, as well as money and time.

 Once you follow the straightforward steps and methods, there's no room for mistakes—delicious babkas and cookies are guaranteed.

get ready for endless compliments!

Are you ready?

These are my sweetest secrets

A secret recipe - the perfect dough!

Throughout this course, you'll master every stage of preparation, ensuring proper and satisfying kneading. Learn the nuances of working with yeast, from usage techniques to checking its freshness, and understand the differences between fresh and dry yeast.

Uncover the secrets of assisting gluten formation, and gain a clear understanding of what the desired result should look like.

Working method

When it comes to these cakes, the working method is just as significant as the recipe itself! I'll guide you through all the secrets, step by step.

I've created my own method for working with dough, ensuring it stays soft and fresh for days.

Mastering the Art of Braiding and Shaping

Learn how to braid and shape the perfect cakes and babka pastries, ensuring they look picture-perfect and tempting.

Receive precise instructions that simplify the entire process

Explore five different shapes for cakes and discover the secrets behind crafting super-special yeast pastries.

Special homemade spreads

Pistachio spread, almond & cheese cream, oreo cream, cinnamon filling, homemade chocolate spread, poppy seed filling, and more.

Discover spreads that won’t dry out during the baking and will guarantee you the creation of the most special and delicious yeast cakes filled with rich fillings and flavors.

Amsterdam cookies

    • Cocoa and pistachio
    • Oreo Red velvet
    •  peanut butter salted pretzel
    • Kinder Nutella
    • Pecan & white chocolate


Learn how to easily make pralines in various flavors and, more importantly, discover how to create them in any flavor of your choice.

These pralines maintain the perfect texture even after baking, ensuring a delightful melt inside your cookies.

The perfect cookie

During the course, you'll learn how to create special cookie doughs with fudge textures and soft cookie textures (cookies that remain soft even after baking). We will delve into proper baking techniques, ensuring juicy and round cookies instead of ones that flatten during the baking process. Additionally, you'll learn the art of designing cookies that will entice everyone to indulge.

But wait, there's more – enjoy these bonuses:

Recipes with zero milk and lactose-free options, including a vegan babka,

because everyone deserves to enjoy these delicious desserts, even if they are sensitive.

One Additional Bonus:

Explore recipes for savory fillings for babka. If you haven't tried it yet, it's time! There's nothing tastier than a salty babka.

You can't overlook the perfect trend of small birthday cakes,also known as bento cakes.
Sooo, introducing the Crazy Amsterdam Cake!

Who wouldn't want to celebrate with a cake like this? Or simply enjoy it on a weekend with a cup of hot chocolate milk.

The program includes a conversion table, allowing you to adjust the cake to any size you desire.

There’s more

One more special bonus - one of my favorite cakes It's calles "bee sting cake"

 This exclusive addition is available only for those who join the course now!

Experience caramelized brioche dough with a layer of dreamy mascarpone cream and a delightful layer of almond crunch.

It may sound crazy, but there's more to it.

This program truly excites me.

Given that dough, especially babka, is my favorite thing to make and my specialty, I've decided to include all the special techniques, desserts, and cakes as well.

Extra sweet bonuses!

Receive a comprehensive and detailed recipe booklet with everything you'll learn in the workshop.The booklet is designed and ready to print, containing all the recipes and step-by-step preparation instructions, along with quantities and conversions – all conveniently compiled in one place.

My full support and guidance will continue even after the workshop. Access to a private Facebook group exclusively for workshop participants is provided for ongoing guidance, inspiration, and support. I am here to assist with any questions you may have, ensuring that you always have someone to turn to if things don't go as planned

A supportive and encouraging environment is crucial for success. In my support groups, you'll discover communities that provide support and companionship for each other.

The workshop will be yours for life! You can revisit the videos as often as you like, refresh your knowledge, and bake along with me

Access an organized and comprehensive conversion table for easy size and weight adjustments, allowing you to customize your creations according to your needs. The table is provided in a ready-to-print format that you can hang on your refrigerator door.

How does the workshop look like from the inside?

שקופית קודמת
שקופית הבאה

After studying, working, making mistakes, researching, improving, and developing precise recipes and working methods, I decided to create this program for you.

A program filled with personal secrets and working methods.

The value of the babka + cookies course is:

99 $


47 $ USD

I want to catch the reduced price!

If you press the button and notice the price has reverted to $99, it indicates the promotion has ended, and the program has returned to its regular price.
This one-time payment
ensures lifetime access to the program.

This program is designed for everyone! It comprehensively explains each process, starting from the basics to the most complex, guiding students through each stage and adapting to all skill levels.

Whether you aim to host a party, start your own home baking business, or have no prior kitchen experience, I'll guide you through every step. My precise instructions will spare you numerous "trial and error" attempts, saving both money and time.

By following the simple steps and methods, there is no room for mistakes, ensuring guaranteed delicious babkas and cookies. Get ready for endless compliments!

After purchasing, you will receive an email containing a link to my website, along with your username and password. Start baking amazing cakes and cookies!

and if you need more support send us an email- mirmicohen@gmail.com

After purchasing, you will receive an email containing a link to my website, along with your username and password. Start baking amazing cakes and cookies!


For additional support, feel free to send us an email.

You receive complete support and guidance even after the workshop.

Join our exclusive Facebook group, accessible only to workshop participants, for guidance, inspiration, and support.

I am here for you to address any questions you may have. This way, if something doesn't work out, you always have someone to turn to.

All courses are pre-recorded using 4HD cameras to ensure you see every detail of the work. You can watch the videos as many times as you wish.

I want you to use your time efficiently, so we've crafted short and informative videos. This way, you can master each technique and easily revisit them by using the navigation menu. Each video is between 5-15 minutes.

It's incredibly user-friendly and compatible with mobile, tablet, and laptop.

You can also stream it on your TV.

After enrollment, you will have immediate access to all tools and ingredients lists. I strive to use ingredients that are accessible anywhere in the world or provide online suppliers.

Why pay more when you can pay less? The Core Play is currently 52% OFF, so take advantage of the offer while it's still available.

Certainly! Once you sign up for The Babka+Cookies, you have it FOR LIFE. That means you can start anytime and revisit it whenever you like.

Students works

The Cakes+Cookies one-time purchase is currently $47 USD. You will not be charged more; it's not a subscription program. Once you get it, you have it FOR LIFE. Sweet, right?

Hi there! I'm Miri..

I'm Miri Katz Cohen, a cake and dessert designer who conducts pastry workshops and creates recipes.

At the age of 13, I discovered the world of baking, but pastry didn't initially become my profession. Over the years, I ventured into other fields, including studying electrical engineering and working in that field for a while. While the path forward seemed clear, my heart was elsewhere. As soon as I realized that my heart wouldn't let me go until I made a change, I decided there was no other option but to pursue my passion.

Since then, hundreds of women have attended workshops in my private studio, leading to the creation of an amazing community of over 3000 women. This community, which I guide and teach through digital workshops, has been a rewarding journey.

Today, drawing from the experience I've gained, I dedicate myself to bringing my love for baking closer to you. Who knows, maybe I can make you fall in love too?

I lovingly share the most successful recipes and pour my heart into workshops because witnessing participants experience genuine success brings me joy.

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